Start NOW if your thinking of moving this Spring!

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Thinking of Selling this Spring?

Moving takes a lot of work and energy.  If you are planning on putting your home on the market this spring start NOW to prepare your home.  This will make things a bit easier when the flowers begin to bloom.  Here are 10 things to do while stuck in the house this winter to prepare your house to sell quickly this spring!

1.       Pack and Declutter.  One of the biggest things I noticed when going through houses on the market is all the clutter that should have been packed away.  Use the winter months to start your packing and purging process.  Start by forming zones of the house to collect items to donate, pack for the next home, and items to pitch.  When your house is up for sale the only items on the floor should be furniture and area rugs.   You may need to rent a storage facility to hold some of the things for your next home.

2.       CLEAN, clean, clean!  It’s amazing how many houses just look dirty when on the market.  Begin going room by room and cleaning all doors, woodwork, and cobwebs.   Doors can get dirty quickly near the handles so keep up the practice of wiping this area clean weekly!  Windows and sills can be covered with dust.  Deep cleaning your oven and microwave and kitchen.  Then start a good routine cleaning in your kitchens and bathrooms.  This will help get the house ready when it is time to sell.  

3.       Get out that brush and PAINT.  While you’re stuck inside this winter use the time to paint any rooms that have bold color to a more neutral and soft color.   Check out your local big box store to see what colors are currently trending.  Pinterest is another great place to look for good colors when preparing to sell.  One of my favorite neutral colors is Ball and Twine by Sherwin Williams (you can also find this paint at Lowes) Painting is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make your home look fresh.

4.       Have your carpets cleaned or replaced if necessary.  Sometimes a good cleaning will do the trick, but if your carpets look matted and worn down you may consider replacing.  It is better to put a few thousand dollars into the carpet and have your home sell quickly at top dollar then offer a carpet allowance.  Most buyers don’t want more work when they purchase a new home.  They are looking for move-in-ready.  And if your house is one of their top two choices you definitely want your house to be the one that shines!

5.       Update!  Does your home look a bit dated?  Look at pictures online of other homes on the market and compare them to yours.  If you still have brass fixtures in your home you may want to consider replacing with antique bronze or brushed nickel.  Do you still have swag window treatments?  You can purchase in-expensive panels at most big box stores that are neutral and appealing to more buyers.  Walk through some model homes in your area to see what is currently trending if you are unsure. 

6.       Repair those things in your home that need fixing.  We all have “honey-do” lists and now is the time to start checking things off the list.  Loose towel bars, closet doors off track, missing caulk, cracked light switch plates and leaky faucets are all common quick fixes that need to be done.

7.       Make sure each room in your home has one purpose!  Is your office in an area of your bedroom?  Consider turning an unused bedroom into your office.  Treadmills, steppers and exercise equipment should either be out of sight or in a room designated for working out as well.

8.       Curb Appeal!   Even though we are coming into winter you can still begin to work on your curb appeal.  A fresh coat of paint on the front door and/or mailbox is important.  Make sure weather stripping around your front door isn’t chewed up or torn.  And then when spring comes you’ll just have mulching and flower planting to complete before putting your house on the market.

9.       Begin to compile all the paperwork you have for your home.  Buyers really appreciate having the warranties and instruction booklets for your HVAC, plumbing systems, electrical systems and all of your appliances.  Now is also a good time to keep track of how much your monthly utilities cost.  Buyers often like to see this information!

10.   Begin interviewing real estate agents.  Discuss with them the way they would market your home.   Make sure you feel comfortable with who you are working with and that they can give you referrals.  Internet marketing is now key, but don’t forget to hire someone with good personal skills too!